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WOW…..  we were up late last night…. Packing and
getting ready for our cruise …Leaving Thursday morning
for Florida…..

Got a call at 8am this morning from Judy, one of my
Medicare Insurance Members…..

“Jerry, my insurance has been cancelled, what am
I suppose to do?”

“Judy, tell me more!  Who said your insurance is

“I’ve got a letter from my insurance company telling me
that it’s been cancelled.”

“Judy…. Can you read the letter to me?

“Yes,,,,it says……. Effective January 1st your current
insurance will be cancelled and your new insurance will
go into effect”……..”Oh…… I didn’t read it very well did I?”

“No Judy…. I’ve had lots of calls like this…. But just know
everything is ok….you’re still covered on your current insurance
until you go to the new insurance January 1….. just relax
and enjoy the rest of the day!”

It’s so comforting to help people who are in destress.

That’s why I joined My Lead System Pro (MLSP)…. Not only
does it help Diane and Me financially, it give us
the ability and the substance to help others.

Join us today by clicking on this link.

If you’re not sure and want to know more, 
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that will show you what to do.

Remember there are several products and each
product puts you on the road to more income,
more freedom and more finances.

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