Today Matters!!!  Always!!!

I couldn’t resist getting this new out to you tonight… because TODAY MATTERS, as
John Maxwell would say.  Don’t waste it!!!
A VERY SUCCESSFUL friend from Turkey sent me an email similar to this telling me how
grateful he was that this simple $1.00 offer came his way.
It’s so simple and easy and one could say that it’s almost FREE to get started.

Just $1.00 gets you started in your own business and keeps you there.

YES, you heard that right… Just $1.00 US puts you in business with the opportunity
to earn LOTS more.
Think of it this way…
1. It’s intriguing!
2. It’s sort of like putting a dollar in the slot machine and winning BIG.
3. It’s risk-FREE, except of course for the $1.00 US that you invest.
4. It’s FUN… just ask yourself WHAT IF???
So, what are you waiting for… as NIKE would say, JUST DO IT!!
You have almost nothing ($1.00 US) to lose and LOTS to gain.
AND, It’s so simple… Just show this to your friends on Facebook, friends
NOT on Facebook, friends on your email list, friends at school, friends at work,
friends of friends, your grocery store manager, your hair stylist, barber,,,, everyone you know
because everyone can risk $1.00 US …

So,,,don’t hesitate…DO IT NOW!!

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