The Power Of Focus vs Drifting … Which is better??

what success looks like

Drifter:  a person who is continually moving from 
              place to place, without any fixed home or job.

synonyms:wanderertravelertransient, roamer, itinerant,

“a lonesome drifter who had come from parts unknown”

Are you a drifting along in your business?

I can just picture in my mind an old cowboy movie
where a cowpoke would ride into the town looking
for work.

The townsfolk would ask him where he was from and
he would just respond, “I’m just an old drifter”.

Meaning he went from town to town without a home.

That’s the way many of us are (were) with our online

Watch this short video describing how Napoleon
Hill was interviewing the Devil and the Devil was
telling him how he CONTROLS all drifters.

If you want to change from drifting to a person controlling
their own destiny, just watch the video and click on the
link to learn more.

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ps… click here to watch this short video.

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