MLSP Week-in-Review: September 11, 2017

Been keeping up with all the fresh new content that MLSP has been releasing every single day here inside MLSP?

Don’t worry if you missed something, because this MLSP week-in-review will cover in detail everything that you missed.

If you’re trying to grow a home business, one of the first things that you must conquer is your own mind. You have to create a rock-solid belief that success is possible for YOU. You must take action on what you learn to seal in that belief everyday. And then you must adjust and tweak so that your results consistently improve.

This is why our leaders come out everyday to give you small bite-sized gems.

Here’s what MLSP and our leaders covered everyday this week!

Monday: September 11, 2017

‘Let Freedom Ring’

w/ L7 Diane Hochman

Diane Hochman is MLSP’s one and only L7 leader. (Huge!)

This amazing woman is a legend in the industry, is our #1 affiliate, and is responsible for helping countless people in our industry become leaders, and earn their own fortunes online through attraction marketing principals that simply work.

With no business or technical experience, she transformed her life, and is a multi six-figure earner, doing things on her terms. It’s amazing what she’s achieved and you’ll see exactly why on this Monday Morning Wake Up Call!

On Monday’s ‘Wake Up Call’ Diane Hochman dives into:

  • What a day like Sept 11th has to do with YOU and your business.
  • Why Freedom is one of the most feared ideals because of what it actually
  • How a little housewife with 2 small children went from the employee mindset to entrepreneur mindset (And how YOU can too!)
  • How to define your own freedom and claim it!! (Whatever freedom is for YOU!)
  • What will happen as soon as you CHOOSE freedom (and how to get through it!)
  • The hidden-truth that Diane KNOWS about Freedom that you need to hear!
  • And Much More!!

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#MLSPWakeUpCall with Diane Hochman        
Let Freedom Ring          

The Monday MLSP Facebook Live w/ Diane Hochman…

Diane hopped straight over to the MLSP Facebook Page and dug further into the amazing points that she made on the MLSP WUC.

Here’s what’s really cool.

She showed you how to operate on a higher plane, and how to really utilize the resources that we have here at MLSP to do that! Want to utilize the Wake Up Calls and Facebook LIVES to build your own business and attract your best prospects?

Watch this FB Live Below Now…



Tuesday: September 12, 2017

‘How To Create a Core Shift In Business & Life!’

w/ L6 Leah Rae Getts

Leah Getts got things going for everyone on Tuesday!

Leah and her husband Todd are our newest L6 leaders, and they did it in spectacular fashion. They simply went full on, turned up the momentum on their business, and achieved tons of great things in a very short time!

On the Tuesday Wake Up Call Leah talks about:

  • The key thing that will to determine if your daily actions are successful or not.
  • The #1 thing that will come thru in ALL your communication with prospects & leads (and how to mindful of it daily!)
  • The perpetual cycle that you must avoid getting stuck in (and how to get into a positive cycle that drives your business forward.)
  • Steps to take to make sure you keep your energy is in check… so that it doesn’t control YOU, but you control it.
  • How to find ways to be grateful even when you’re not, and how doing so will work wonders in your life & business!
  • The 30 second exercise that will change your life starting TODAY!
  • And much more!

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#MLSPWakeUpCall with Leah Rae Getts        
How To Create a Core Shift In Business & Life          

The Tuesday MLSP Facebook Live w/ Leah Getts…

Leah had more to say about this topic, so she wasted no time and hopped straight over to the MLSP Facebook Page, and went LIVE!

The truth is… what she goes over on this Facebook LIVE may take some time for you to grasp. But every single day you are conscious of it, and work on it, you’ll begin to get better and better.

Because it will get easier and easier and set you on a brand new course! It will create a CORE SHIFT in your life & business!

Watch the Tuesday FB Live Below…


Wednesday: September 13, 2017

‘How To Make Prospects WANT to Talk to You!!!’

w/ L5 Erin Birch

It wasn’t long ago that Erin Birch was a single mom making a little less than just $2K a month as a jewelry maker.

Yet her story has become exactly the reason that MLSP exists! To give families their kids and their lives back. Erin had a decision to make: Go bag groceries, or to take a leap of faith? She took the leap of faith, and turned everything around. Now she’s a $6-Figure business owner, working FROM HOME, and traveling the world!

She constantly gives back to this community, and today was no exception. If you want prospect coming to YOU, this practical Wake Up Call with Erin will show you exactly how it’s done!

Here’s what Erin went over on her Wake Up Call…

  • What’s absolutely critical if you want to make your BIG dreams happen.
  • The 3 key factors that let’s Erin live her pipe dream TODAY!
  • Your ability to _________ will either keep you broke, or create your perfect future.
  • How to make your prospects want to engage with YOU, instead of you chasing them.
  • The key to creating an atmosphere that your prospects are dying to be a PART of.
  • The critical thing following a script will make you forget to do, and the best solution for that!
  • And much more!

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#MLSPWakeUpCall with Erin Birch        
How To Make Prospects WANT to Talk to You!!!          

The Wednesday MLSP Facebook Live w/ Erin Birch…

When Erin Birch gets on a roll, she cannot be stopped. And on Wednesday’s WUC, she was on such a roll, that she immediately darted over to the MLSP FB Page to dig even further into how to get prospects WANTING to talk to you.

This is an entirely different ball-game in your home biz marketing, and if you’re not there yet… and still chasing prospects… still flubbing around to make connections… you’ll want to watch every bit of the FB LIVE broadcast that Erin did on Wednesday.

Watch the Wednesday FB Live Below…


Thursday: September 14, 2017

‘The Recipe For Success!’

w/ L6 Todd Getts

Todd Getts was recently able to walk away from a very healthy $6-Figure corporate position to run his home business full-time!

Many MLSP stories are the rags-to-riches stories, and while some people can relate better to those – plenty of other people can relate to having a demanding job.

Short on time, low on energy, and frankly comfortable “enough” with their income. None the less, Todd had bigger dreams, which was to get home and stay home with his family where he belongs.

How do you make that happen? There’s a recipe to follow, and Todd revealed it on the Thursday’s MLSP Wake Up Call.

You’ll want to hear this WUC to find out…

  • The 3 main ingredients that are necessary for success at ANY level.
  • How to create the conditions necessary to hit your goals every single time.
  • H+H+V = Success (The recording below will reveal this equation)
  • What causes you to be relentless, and forces you to LOSE your excuses!
  • The HUGE mistake that people who get into the home biz industry make… which causes failure.
  • The #1 thing you have to embrace – if you want any hope of seeing massive success.
  • The pitfall that working from home can pull you into if you don’t take charge of it every single day.
  • And much more!

Hit the Play Button Below to Hear this WUC…

#MLSPWakeUpCall with Todd Getts        
The Recipe For Success          

The Thursday’s MLSP Facebook Live w/ Todd Getts…

Once Todd finished up the WUC, he and his wife (and biz partner) Leah Rae Getts went outside, and fired up the FB LIVE broadcast.

In this LIVE you’ll find out how to get (and stay) HUNGRY  in your biz. This will force you to push yourself everyday to succeed no matter what. When you’re not motivated, when things aren’t going right, when its hard…it doesn’t matter. You have to show up every single day.

Todd and Leah will show you how to stay in the frame of mind to make that happen no matter what!!

Watch the Thursday FB Live Below…


Friday: September 15, 2017

When Are You Going to Answer?

W/ L5 Bert Bledsoe

Bert Bledsoe is most certainly the life of the MLSP party.

You can’t be around this guy and not smile and have fun, even when you’re talking about something as serious as your mindset for taking your business to new levels. This is supposed to be fun – and Bert always finds the way to make it that way.

However, on Friday’s WUC, Bert digs deep into something that YOU must hear. And you must ANSWER THE CALL! Or success will forever be just out of arm’s reach!

This one’s powerful so buckle up!

Burt’s WUC will be available soon…

Waiting for the podcast to be uploaded to our system. Please hang tight!

The Friday’s MLSP Facebook LIVE w/ Bert Bledsoe…

So at 11:30AM EST on Friday, Bert flipped on the camera and beamed in LIVE to the MLSP Facebook Fan Page, where we found him outside and taking us on a field trip in his car!

Where were we headed? Well…let’s say there may have been a “goat” involved.

Along the way, Bert fed our mind with the kind of stuff that they should tell you when you’re young, so that you can come out of the gate running as an adult. This is a MUST SEE Facebook LIVE that’s right below you, and could very well change your life. (And just wait until you see the surprise at about minute 1:25!)  GO WATCH IT NOW!!

Watch the Friday FB Live Below…


All Caught Up on the MLSP Content from This Past Week?

Hopefully you went through this content that our awesome leaders just put out, and you’re fired up for the coming week!

What now?

Well every single week on our MLSP Success Story Saturday Blog Post we talk about implementation.

You’ve just had 5 of the top leaders in our community tell you what you can start doing. So it’s time to pick one or two and start doing it.

You should always try to get on these Wake Up Calls and Facebook LIVE broadcasts in real time. When you do that, then you’ll be armed and ready to take on each and everyday with gusto!

Go Take Action!

P.S. You’ve just seen a little bit of what MLSP offers for home business owners. But frankly that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What else is there? Can MLSP really help you grow your business?

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