Metabolism Boosters, What are they and
What Makes them Work?

I just want to give you a brief overview of my experience with Metabolism Boosters over the last few days.

Everyone’s body and body type is different so you’ll have to experiment to see what works best for you

For example, for the past year I’ve been doing what’s called INTERMITTENT fasting.
This is not eating first thing in the morning or going at least 12-14 hours after the night
time meal before I eat again.. usually around noon.

I took my first Thermogenic pill at about 7:30 am and it really got me going until about
2pm when I crashed (I probably should have taken the second pill earlier or around noon).

So, I realized it’s a TIMING issue for me.

Now I’m taking my first pill around noon (when I eat my first food for the day) and don’t
even take the second pill.  I found that (when I do take the second pill I can hardly eat
anything at night (which might be good for most people).

I’ve always had the tendency to graze at night, therefore I want to stop that!!!

So if I don’t take the second pill, I start thinking about food (grazing)… which has been
my problem all along.  So delaying the fist pill until later in the day is working well for me.

Diane was taking only one pill and it was working well for her. Yesterday she took it a bit
later in the day,,, maybe around noon and she was up cleaning and vacuuming at 2:00am….
so don’t do that.

Again, the key is to identify what works for you.

Let me know how they work best for you.

Notice below is a summary of an article I read that explains Thermogenics and provides
the 5 basic benefits of taking Thermogenic Supplements.

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Jerry and Diane


Thermogenic Supplementation:
Summary of Dr. Axe article

Well it’s that time of year again.

The New Year and a new YOU, as the saying goes.

But while millions pile into gyms across the country to create NEW, healthier versions
of themselves, there’s a secret battle going on.

On one hand, we want to say, “Goodbye, love handles!” And “Hello, faster metabolism.”

While not all thermogenic supplements are the same, what they do have in common is
their role in supporting or boosting the body’s metabolic fires through a natural process
called “thermogenesis.”

What Are Thermogenics?

For athletes, weekend warriors, dieters, bodybuilders and even us “regular” people, the
idea of boosting the body’s natural thermogenesis process can be appealing.

That kind of demand and interest has led to thermogenic supplements, which work to
increase body heat.
This, in turn, can boost the body’s metabolism and, perhaps, offer
a host of other benefits.†

The top 5 benefits generally associated with thermogenic supplements

  1. A primary benefit is the raising of body heat, which
    can then give a boost to the body’s metabolism.

    They can bolster the body’s metabolism through what’s known as oxidative phosphorylation,
    in which the body expends calories at a faster rate to stabilize body temperature.
    In so doing, it can bolster the baseline metabolism of those “love handles” or “body jiggles”5_top_benefits_of_thermogenics
    we often wish could be lessened.†

  2. They can boost energy levels.

    Due to some of the stimulating ingredients found in many thermogenic supplements,
    they can help energize the body.†


  1. They can help manage a healthy weight.

    As a side benefit of boosting metabolism, weight management often goes along
    with the revved-up metabolism.

  2. They can help with exercise performance.

    Having increased energy from thermogenic supplements can also extend to exercise
    performance since there’s decreased chance of an energy slump and “hitting the wall”

  3. They can support muscle health and endurance.

    Since thermogenic supplements can help with the body’s
    natural process of thermogenesis, it can help preserve the
    body’s lean mass, using fat cells as fuel instead of the
    muscle cells
    being used as fuel.†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition,
consult your physician before using this product.


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