Do you need a PUSH???

Last week our pastor started as series of messages
encouraging us to take action on our goals by using the term

Now we all know what that means, or do we???

To dare someone to do something is to “challenge”
them to take on some action the person doesn’t
necessarily want to do.

“I dare you to lick that frozen pole”, someone might say to challenge double-dog-dare-1
a young person to attempt to stick his tongue to the pole.

When the challenge was rejected, the challenger would often
up the ante and the challenge by saying, “I double-dog dare you
to lick that pole.”

Often upping the ante would make the challenge more intense
and the challenged person would often take up the challenge simply
to prove to the challenger that “he/she could actually
lick that pole”.

So, Sunday our pastor PK issued us a challenge.

His challenge was based upon the word PUSH.

He said… “I double-dog dare you to PUSH through your
goals and objectives for 2017 and achieve them.”

In this particular case the pastor was using the word PUSH
to mean, a vigorous effort to do or obtain something.”

So in reality our pastor was “double-dog” daring us to apply
a vigorous effort to obtain our goals.

PUSH to achieve!!!

Actually I felt as if I were attending a Network Marketing
convention with this message.

Go, Go, Go!!!


Here’s the points he made to help us along with the challenge
to accomplish our goals.


    Publically Declare what you are going to accomplish.

  2. Tell others, write it down,

  3. announce it so the world or your team

    partners, neighbors, so everyone will
    know what you are trying to accomplish.

This could be anything from losing 10
pounds by the end of February, to earning
$10,000/month by the end of the year.


People who publically declare their resolutions
are 10 times more likely to achieve them.



    Here PK referred to the scripture in
    Ecclesiastes 4:9, Two are better than
    , because they have a good reward
    for their toil. For if they fall, one will
    lift up his fellow.”

    This is so true, if and when we challenge
    a friend or partner to participate in a
    challenge with us, we more often than
    not succeed in our plans.

    Let’s suppose we make the agreement to go
    to the gym every day at 6AM.  Then one
    morning we don’t “feel” like going.  But because
    we’ve made the commitment to another person,
    what happens???  we get up and go.

    “For if one falls the other will pick him up.”
    (modified by me).



    Now what we mean by “controlling our
    training (actions)
    ” is to be consistent in
    our efforts. TRYING is NOT  ENOUGH!!!

    Trying means we can easily quit because we’re
    not committed to DO!  We’re committed to TRY!!!
    Not committed to follow-through.  So CONTROL
    is what we need.  Consistent actions toward
    accomplishing our goals.

So here we are at the beginning of 2017 and we’ve set
our Internet Marketing Goals or our MLM Goals.

Next we PUBLICALLY DECLARE to everyone
what these goals are.  Then we INVITE OTHERS IN
to keep us from backing out on our goals. Then we
achieve our goals with a NEVER GIVE UP attitude.

That’s what it takes.

Have you declared your goals?

Have you Invited others in?

Have you established a plan to control your
actions (training) to make sure your goals are

Reply below and let me in on your goals and
plans and if you have done the three things
mentioned in the blog.

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Jerry and Diane

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