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Well I’ve completed the book, EAT TO LIVE
by Dr. Joel Fuhrman……

Tomorrow Diane and I start the
plan to Eat To Live…..

We are going on a cruise Dec 14-21…but
Until then…… we’re on it….

Then when we return… we’ll do it again…

So, here’s what we’re doing:

  1. RAW VEGETABLES: The Salad is the
    main dish… eat two EVERY DAY…..
    at least a pound DAILY…
    REASON: Raw foods have a faster transit
    time through the digestive tract and
    result in a lower glucose response.
    OBJECTIVE: Eat as many RAW vegetables
    as possible.
  2. COOKED VEGETABLES:  Eat as many
    steamed or cooked green vegetables
    as you can. THE MORE YOU EAT THE
    MORE YOU LOSE-Joel Fuhrman.  Again
    the goal is to eat at least a full pound
  3. BEANS AND LEGUMES: These are among
    the world’s most perfect foods.
    RESULTS: Stabilize blood sugar, blunt the
    the desire for sweets, and prevents mid-
    afternoon cravings.  Eat ONE FULL CUP
  4. FRESH FRUIT: Eat at least 4 fresh fruits every
  5. NUTS: Raw, unsalted nuts, ONE OUNCE daily.
  6. OFF LIMITS: Dairy products, animal products, between-meal snacks, fruit juice and oils.

OK…that’s it….sounds simple so LET’S do it!!!

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Until tomorrow,,,,,

Jerry and Diane



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