How Do I Become A BRAND?

We’ve all heard this said recently…


People Join People, Not Businesses!!!

Brand Yourself First!!!

You may wonder, what does this really mean and how do I do that when
I’m brand new and just starting out.

Good Question!!!

To brand yourself, you must appear to others as a leader and an expert…

So,,, How do I do that?

Well it’s SIMPLE, but it’s hard work.

Number 1, you have to focus on being a leader.

Leaders don’t necessarily know everything but they do try lots of things and
tell others what’s working and what’s not working.

So you might say that leaders are those who and tried and failed
and leaders are those who keep trying and succeed.

Lots of failures lead to great leaders!!!

What exactly do leaders do?

  1. Leaders TAKE ACTION (they try lots of things)

  2. Leaders INSPIRE others to feel or do things creatively.

  3. Leaders UPLIFT others and praise accomplishments.

  4. Leaders are TEACHERS that share their knowledge.

  5. Leaders are not INTIMIDATED by others.

  6. Leaders HELP OTHERS to achieve.

So, how do we become leaders?

  1. Leaders are readers– read at least 10 pages or about 20 minutes every night.

  2. Leaders take action and don’t wait for others to tell them what to do.

  3. Leaders know how to celebrate small successes.

  4. Leaders happily teach others what they know.

  5. Leaders are constantly generating New Leads

Here’s a tip:

Facebook gives us the capability of having up to 5,000 friends. 
Check your friend’s list and if you don’t currently have 5,000 start now
friending others and requesting friendships.

I would recommend going to a page of one of your favorite leaders/teachers, Someone like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, or Stephen Covey.

If you don’t know of any “favorite leaders” just Google “inspirational leaders for 2016” and checkout who they are.  You may not know them but obviously others do. Go to their Fan Page and read the comments.

Go to their Facebook page and just start reading what others are posting.  When someone posts something you like, comment on that and start a conversation with them. Then start friending these folks on Facebook.

If you want more information on creating leads watch this FREE training session and start following the actions of the people leading this training.

Pretty soon, you’ll be generating leads and teaching others how to generate leads also.

Your friends list will grow and your followers will grow.

We’ll talk more about this another time, but be sure to watch this FREE Training.

Let me know what you think about it.

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Let’s grow together

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