Now that we know the Adrenals are glands, located above each kidney and they are the stress control centers of the body, we can know immediately that an over-stressed person is likely to wear the adrenals out to the point of fatigue…

“Adrenal Fatigue is simply our body’s way of preventing us from expending energy it does not have. It is our body’s signal alerting you to slow down and start the repair process.”- Dr. Michael Lam

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So, what does that mean?  Can the Adrenals be restored to normal function?  We’ll get to that later but for now, let’s go back to symptoms and causes…

Every adult man and woman needs to be on the alert!

Especially if you:

  • Are tired when you wake up, drag yourself

to work, and finish the day exhausted

  • Have sugar cravings or irritability
  • Are anxious, exhausted.
  • Have insomnia
  • Have symptoms such as salt cravings
  • Have heart palpitations
  • Have low blood pressure
  • Cannot handle stress
  • Have hypoglycemia
  • Have low libido
  • Have weight gain that you cannot get rid
    of, and reduced exercise capacity.
  • Have irregular menses
  • Have low thyroid function despite medications.
  • Have PMS


Studies show that:

  • Over 11% of the adult population currently has severe fatigue, extreme tiredness, or exhaustion that lasts for more than a month.
  • Over 4% have identifiable symptoms that exceed six months.
    – Dr. Michael Lam

When Adrenal Fatigue arrives on our doorstep, our body wants nurturing and a slower pace while recovering.

We must remember that GOD created our bodies to be self-healing. The body is a perfectly designed ecosystem with built-in self-repairing properties. It normally can recover on its own if given a chance with the proper nutrients, lifestyle, dietary changes, and time. Recovery strategies focusing on this comprehensive approach often produce excellent results, even in severe cases.

Notice I said… while recovering and excellent results!!!  That’s the good news!!!

So, what causes Adrenal Fatigue?

There are 5 main causes such as:

#5 ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS (cancer-causing chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, etc)


We talked a little about this yesterday, so I won’t prolong the issue of stress…

But it IS the number one cause or reason for Adrenal Fatigue.

It’s also the reason for other issues relating to the immune system and disease in general.

There are two kinds of stress, DISTRESS and EUSTRESS.

Just looking at these names give an indication of bad stress and good stress.

Yes, we can have both and that’s a good thing.

DISTRESS is the negative kind (and positive in a way) and causes our bodies to respond to emergency situations.  The Fight or Flight situation.

When Cortisol is produced in the body (almost all the time) it goes into the bloodstream to fight off infection (when one is injured) for example a skinned knee, a bee sting and other things that cause redness in the skin.  Cortisol runs to the problem to try and help.

The real issue is too much of it for too long a time period causes damage to our body.

Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses in his book, “YOU ARE THE PLACEBO”, that when we’re in a fight or flight mode (emergency mode) blood leaves our vital organs and rushes to our arms and legs so an either run or fight the invaders.

If this emergency mode lasts too long it begins to cause our bodily functions to not work as efficiently as they “normally do”.  This, in turn, cause us to become more susceptible to other issues like disease, low immunity, prolonged stress, etc.

Dr. Joe uses the analogy of a zebra in the woods eating grass.  The zebra is at peace and the bodily functions are working as designed.

Along comes a lion and the zebra gets a rush of adrenaline and takes off (fight or flight).  Once the zebra escapes the lion (assuming it does), the zebra immediately goes back to the normal peaceful state and all bodily functions return to normal.

But, when that happens to humans (a high-stress condition), we fight or flight to escape the environment, but then we “remember it”, “talk about it with a neighbor”, “dream about it”, and therefore “relive it” over and over.  Each time we remember or relive it our body produces the increased Cortisol again and again.  Eventually, this can cause serious issues within the body.

These CHRONIC elevated levels of cortisol can lead to serious issues, such a suppressing the immune system, increasing blood pressure and blood sugar, decreasing libido, contributing to obesity, and eventually contributing to exhausted adrenal glands, leading to lower levels of hormones produced by the adrenals!

EUSTRESS is on the other hand, is a POSITIVE reaction to stress that gives us the ability to overcome challenges and persevere.

It’s sort of like running a 5K or 10 K and getting halfway through it and getting an adrenaline rush.  This is a good thing and causes the body to react favorably to that rush.

For example, it could be the stress we feel when we put our body through a rigorous workout, enter a challenge or competition aiming to win, ride a roller coaster, birth a baby, or even watch a horror movie for the thrill of it!

All these are good things.

POOR DIET:  I won’t elaborate on our poor dieting but to say that our diets can have an extreme effect on inflammation within our bodies.

ACUTE INFLAMMATION is a healthy physiological response by our body, indicative of healing a wound. For example a bee sting or a hurt knee or arm.

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, on the other hand, has been linked to a large variety of degenerative health disorders ranging from autoimmune disease, obesity, diabetes, and even mental disorders.

Prolonged chronic inflammation within the body often results in the destruction of the tissue from the inflammatory process.

The issue is that inflammation often called “silent inflammation “, sits in our bodies without us even having an awareness, but over a long period of time causes damage to our bodies.

Dr. Barry Sears has written extensively about silent inflammation and calls it, A SILENT KILLER IN OUR MIDST.  See his introductory YouTube here:

Examples of chronic inflammation include:

*Chronic peptic ulcer
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
*Chronic periodontitis
*Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
*Chronic sinusitis
*Chronic active hepatitis

How does inflammation impact adrenal fatigue?

You guessed it, CORTISOL!

Science has taught us the emotional and physical stress leads to an overproduction of cortisol.  When our cortisol is elevated, our body loses its ability to regulate the inflammatory response.

A vicious cycle develops- Stress leads to inflammation, leads to poor health and disease, leads to increased inflammation, leads to more stress.

While talking about our diets, SUGAR is another real enemy of our bodies.

The low-fat fad that began exploding in the 90’s helped contribute to increasing our sugar intake from 1 to 2 pounds a year per person to an average of 150 pounds a year today.


When we consume all that extra sugar our pancreas and adrenal glands pump more insulin and cortisol to cope with the influx of sugar and empty calories.

All this eventually leads back to cause #1 STRESS.

Then there is CAFFEINE.  So what about it???

The real issue with caffeine is to amount consumed (3-4 cups a day by the average adult) which equates to 10 cans of cola, or two energy shots each and every day.

The result of caffeine is the dehydration of our body and the activation of our body’s fight or flight instinct which in turn prompts our adrenals to release…. you guessed it….more CORTISOL.

Before we end the discussion on Diet (healthy eating) I did want to show you one book we’re
beginning to use to support Inflammation Free Eating.

Take a look at this and see what it will do for you.

Inflammation Free Diet Plan

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Well, that’s enough for today…

Tomorrow we’ll get into Cause #3 POOR SLEEP PATTERN, Cause #4 CHRONIC DISEASE
and Cause #5 Environmental Toxins.

Until Tomorrow!!!


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